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Black Leather Jockstraps...

Men's Black Leather Jockstraps with Seven Snaps.

Seven snaps that allow you to modify this leather jock to your satisfaction.

Pouch can be on or off.

Straps can be tight or loose.  

This custom made to order leather jockstrap is made to fit your body.

Price £52.00

Leather jockstrap With Red...

Turn the sexual heat up with this custom made leather jockstrap. It features your chosen colour along the front and the leg straps. It's sure to ignite a fire in yours and your partner's bodies. Take advantage of having a jockstrap manufactured to your specifications.  It'll ensure that your jockstrap fits perfectly to your body.

Price £39.00

Men's Black Mini-Kilt in...

Men's Black Short Kilt in 13" Inch Length Wrap Around Style Kilt
Gladiator  style.
It is custom Made to Order in soft Leather 

Made From Real Sheep Nappa. 

Price £129.00

Leather Jockstrap With...

Let us introduce you to our Jockstrap with Front Lace.   This jockstrap features lacing on the front pouch.  You decide if you want a loose look or to have your package tightened to show off its full extent.

Price £41.00

Black Leather Jockstrap...

Picture your partner pulling down your pants to reveal this sexy leather jockstrap.  It fits perfectly, as it's custom made to fit your body.  Your partner runs their hands along this real sheep nappa leather.  They admire the uniquely coloured stripes, pop the button, and pull down the zipper for easy access.   

Price £43.00