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Red Leather Short With Two...

Red Leather Shorts - These leather shorts are extremely comfortable and good wearing, also they have a more versatile usage as they have a more fashion look than a sole fetish design.

Price £92.00

Black Leather Shorts With...

Black Leather Shorts With Six Pockets. This is one of our longer pairs of leather shorts coming down to just over the knee, they have been designed as a combat pair of leather shorts which make these a great leather fashion item as opposed to just leather fetish occasions.

Price £146.00

Black Leather Combat Shorts...

Black Leather Combat Shorts For Men. Great fitting and very comfortable leather combat shorts made from the finest quality leather. Fight your next battle in style in these fashionable shorts. Features army green fatigue design, snap and front zipper fly closure with belt hoops.

Price £146.00

Black Leather Lace Up Style...

Leather lace Up Style shorts - These black leather shorts are extremely comfortable with the addition of elasticated waist with lace up front, Made From Real Sheep Nappa,

Price £63.00